Friis Mobility

We specialize in making your mobile apps a success

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Friis Mobility

We are a group of freelance consultants, that have worked together on different project.
As we have a lot of consultant in the group, we have a load of competences.
We are highly skill individuals and together we are even better.

As we are freelance, we are as big or as small as you need us to be, we can be hired in as individuals or as a team, even as a part, or supplement to your team. We can cover all parts of your mobile project, from idea to distribution
We have specialized in Enterprise Mobility with some sidekicks on the consumer part

The company started in 2013 under the name Mobility Dream Team aps


MISSION: We want to make great apps that are being used and that the user will miss when it’s not available

Do it with passion When you design a product, you must pass your passion into the product.
xYou can feel when a product is created with care and dedication.

Why not have fun!
when you design a product with passion, gamification is the next natural step.
Using gamification you can make trivial task to be bearable or even fun.


Mobile app development, including backend and project management

Idea development

We help you qualify and develop your idea’s, with workshops
and Product Owner support


UX and UI design is important, for the look and feel of your product,
making sure the passion is in your app

Project management

With extents experience and certified Scrum master,
Product owner we can guide your projects

IT Architecture

Making sure the passion is reflected in the development,
architecture also prevents large amount of technical debt


We have backend and frontend resources, with lage experience,
We can be the whole development team or we can extend your team


Give a man a fish, and he will live another day, teach the man how to fish, and he will feed the whole family for the rest of his life!


We have been involved in a lot of mobile apps!



VIP protection software

Running Girl

Running Girl

Use music to guide your traning

Walk the talk

Walk the Talk

Gamification to get you walking

Dit Plus

Dit Plus

Get your loyalty card in your app

Lån og Spar

Mobil banking

Innovative UX/UI design on mobile banking

DR TV app


Video streaming app

Preferred technology


Here you can get and idear of the price for an app

Simple App

The simple app, have 2-4 screens, the app shows information directly on the screen.
The information is fetched from a API or a web server, there can a ticker like location or iBeacons, check out our DS Visit app, as a sample.

  • iOS App
  • .Net Core API, hostet on Azure
  • Microsoft SQL server, hostet on Azure
  • Auth0 API token, to secure communication

Interactive App

The interactive app, makes the content more individual, using some kind of identification of the user.
The app will have some offline functionality, the content can be pushed to the individual users.

  • iOS App
  • .Net Core API, hostet on Azure
  • Microsoft SQL server, hostet on Azure
  • Auth0 API token and User login
  • Offline capability

Complex App

The complex app can do just about anything, use imagination and innovation to develop your idea, then we can find an estimated price for you.

  • iOS App
  • .Net Core API, hostet on Azure
  • Microsoft SQL server, hostet on Azure
  • Auth0 API token and User login
  • Offline capability
  • Using the Phones capabilities
  • well just about all you can think of


Contact us and we'll get back to you as soo as posible.

Rodovre, Denmark

+45 6045 8981