Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is fairly simple, as we don't collect any data about you. all cookies is only for supporting you, giving you the possibility to have a good and seamless experience on our web sites.
We do collect some statistic data, but non that can be directed towards you.

Sites with login

We do have some sites, where you can login, and on these sites you will have the opportunity, to see all the data we have on you, download it.
You will also have the option to delete your account.
If you have deleted you account, all data related to you will be deleted permanent, and we won't be able to support you further.

BS Bingo

BS bingo, collects data if you register, as you have to if you want to submit new BS words to the public database.

Email are used as username and are stored in the user database
First and Last name This are used to identify you, if we get words that are not suitable for this type of game
In general is the backend hosted by Microsoft, on the Azure platform, servers based in North EU, using the standard Data handler agreement with Microsoft Azure
3RD party
No personal data is given to 3rd party, except for the data handling agreement.

This privacy policy is valid for all the apps published by Per Friis Consult aps, Friis Mobility Aps and Friis Data, including for the following websites

Please enjoy

All our product is created with passion, and with a goal of serving you.
So please enjoy our product and have fun with it.